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Virtual St Kilda

12/05/2014 3 comments

St Andrews Virtual St Kilda ExperienceThe Virtual St Kilda exhibition is up and running at Taigh Chearsabhagh, and the “mystery voice” is now revealed as that of regular Island Voices contributor, Archie Campbell, who also prepared the Gaelic version of the bilingual introduction. The project is headed up by the St Andrews University Open Virtual Worlds research group, working closely with local groups in Uist.

The exhibition gives you hands-on interaction, via an Xbox controller, with a digital re-creation of the St Kilda of the 1880s. You can walk around Village Bay (or fly over it!), exploring inside and outside various buildings. Clicking on various objects will take you to additional information, and the project is further enhanced by additional video work with island children offering imaginative interpretations of scenes and stories, ably facilitated by Mary Morrison – to whom Island Voices followers need no further introduction…

The film below was edited together by the St Andrews team.  It integrates their own digital reconstruction and video work with stunning natural footage from UistFilm, as well as, flatteringly, some re-purposed shots from Island Voices’ own St Kilda documentaries in English and Gaelic. Archie’s voiceover is truly bilingual, alternating regularly and consistently from Gaelic to English. It’s a very interesting and still experimental format, so comments and suggestions are most welcome.

More sample videos are available on the Open Virtual Worlds group’s Vimeo channel, and you can read more about the group’s work here.

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Pròiseact ùr aig Caraidean Uibhist

08/05/2014 2 comments

caraideanUibhistPhone1‘S fhada bho nach cuala sinn bho Loriana Pauli! Ach tha i air ais, le agallamh fìor inntinneach sa Bheurla le Sìne Stiùbhart agus Norma Neill aig Caraidean Uibhist.

Tha pròiseact ùr aig a’ bhuidheann, air a bheil an t-ainm “Telephone Befriending”.

Cluinnear barrachd mu dheidhinn le bhith a’ putadh air an dealbh shìos air neo an seo, no ma thathas airson barrachd fhaighinn a-mach mu dheidhinn faodar fòn a chur gu 01870 603233.


(Read about this in English on the Am Pàipear Voices page here.)

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Voix Françaises

31/03/2014 1 comment

Dominique Déhu et Agnès Blaziak se sont déplacés vers Uist il ya moins d’un an, après avoir vendu leur entreprise en France. Ici, ils parlent à leur professeur d’anglais, Mary Morrison, sur le travail qu’ils ont trouvé dans Uist, leurs aspirations pour l’avenir, et pourquoi ils ont choisi cet endroit pour s’installer ici. Agnès parle aussi de sa fille Amélie qui s’est installée facilement dans son nouvel environnement, et à quelle vitesse elle apprend l’anglais!


Thàinig Dominique Déhu agus Agnès Blaziak a dh’Uibhist o chionn faisg air bliadhna, an dèidh dhaibh an gnìomhachas a reic san Fhraing. An seo, tha iad a’ bruidhinn ri Màiri Nic ’IlleMhoire mun obair a fhuair iad an seo, agus na planaichean a th’ aca san àm ri teachd, agus ciamar a thaghadh iad an t-àite seo airson a bhith fantail ann. Tha Agnès a’ bruidhinn cuideachd mu dheidhinn a nighean Amélie agus mar a tha i a’ faighinn air adhart na suidheachadh ùr, agus i ag ionnsachadh cho luath!

Listen here:

Dominique Déhu and Agnès Blaziak moved to Uist less than a year ago, having sold up their business in France. Here they talk to their English teacher, Mary Morrison, about the work they’ve found in Uist, their aspirations for the future, and why they chose to settle here. Agnès also talks about how well her daughter Amélie is settling into her new surroundings, and how quickly she’s learning English!


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Island Voices on the Tourist Trail

12/03/2014 Leave a comment

Tommy Macdonald’s fascinating collection of interviews for the Stòras Uibhist project about Bonnie Prince Charlie has been gathered together on a single page on the “Outer Hebrides” website, dedicated to encouraging visitors to “experience life on the edge” here in the Western Isles.

That’s a message that Guthan nan Eilean is more than happy to support and endorse! The physical environment on its own is quite stunning. Combine that with a multicultural and multilingual history and heritage that live on to this day, and you have a winning combination of natural and cultural attractions.

Here’s the page where you can access all the Bonnie Prince Charlie audio material “in song and story” (and in three different languages) with a single click.

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Starting Points

27/02/2014 Leave a comment

Gordon Wells:

Tha pròiseact ùr a’ tòiseachadh le Comann Eachdraidh Uibhist a Tuath. Cùm cluas ri claisneachd!

Originally posted on An fheadhainn tha laighe sàmhach:

poppy squareMòran Taing, a h-Uile Duine

So far the project has been overwhelmed with all your offers of reminiscences and artefacts and we are so grateful to you for these. It will take us some time to visit you all and gather such precious, personal and unique information. An important principle of this process is that nothing will be publicly shown without your permission. We will however be attempting to find photographs of as many of the Uist Fallen as we can, which may mean that we begin to post some unidentified forces photographs, in the hope that someone may identify them.

A piece of good fortune

Laura Donkers has been working on a two week placement with us this month, as part of her Master of Fine Art degree at  Dundee. This placement has been of immense help to the project, since she had already been commissioned by CEUT to …

View original 293 more words

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Tae a Louse an Tae a Selfie

29/01/2014 Leave a comment

Burns night in Sabhal Mòr Ostaig was celebrated in some style a couple of nights ago. Student Sophie Stephenson offered something old and something new with the bard’s own “Tae a louse” followed swiftly by Lorna Wallace’s brand new “Tae a selfie”.

Both were caught on camera, and Clilstore creator Caoimhín Ó Donnaíle took no time at all in producing this new Clilstore unit, with links to a choice of online Scots dictionaries.

An interesting contrast with the Benbecula Burns night also given the Clilstore treatment a wee while back!

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Kallin Shellfish “Clilstored”

23/01/2014 Leave a comment

The Kallin Shellfish video, made by ESOL learners back in 2006, was among the first experiments with supporting UGC (User Generated Content) by the Island Voices project. It’s since been viewed with interest by many ESOL teachers around the world, and earned a special mention in the Island Voices chapter in this British Council book on innovations in English language teaching. The production standards are some way from broadcast quality, but its human qualities shine through still. It was planned, shot, edited, and scripted by the learners themselves. And now that script has been given the “Clilstore treatment” too, so you can listen and read at the same time. Follow this link.

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Uist and the French MacDonald

14/01/2014 2 comments

Jean-Didier Hache is a frequent traveller between Paris and Uist, having the good fortune to have a home in each location. He is also a writer and historian, among other things, and so is perfectly placed to offer Tommy Macdonald a French perspective on the Bonnie Prince Charlie story.

Early in the new year the two sat down for a dram and a brief chat, in which Jean-Didier added more biographical detail on the comings and goings of the multilingual Uibhisteach Neil MacEachan, the prince’s constant companion during his travels in Uist. We also learn more about Neil’s son, “The French MacDonald”, who rose to high rank in the French army during Napoleonic times, and about whom Jean-Didier has written this book.

Tommy and Jean-Didier spoke first in English. The conversation is split into two parts, the first dealing with the father, the second with the son.

On Neil MacEachan:

On Alexandre MacDonald:

After that Jean-Didier delivered a précis in French, for the benefit of Francophone listeners, while adding some more detail on specific events and sites in France that relate to the tale.

En Français:

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On Demand Audio with An Radio

19/12/2013 1 comment

The developing An Radio website took another step forward yesterday with the launch of its “On Demand Audio” section. You’ll find it just below the An Radio Player, and just above the link to Island Voices. If you click on the dropdown menu in the sidebar you’ll find a choice of very interesting and informative interviews with local people about local venues and events.

Of course, at this stage of An Radio’s development these are just examples of the kind of thing that the station, as a genuine community enterprise, aims to develop and expand upon. Its success will be crucially dependent on active input from as many people as possible, and the door is always open to more volunteers!

Among the interviews available “On Demand” are two clips from Gordon Wells, Island Voices Co-ordinator.

Gordon talks in English and Gaelic about what this project aims to do, and what it might have to offer to anyone who may be feeling tempted to get involved with An Radio, but perhaps feels they could use some extra help to get started. As Island Voices followers will know, the project has already been helping community members to contribute to the online Guthan/Voices page of Am Pàipear. Nearly fifty separate items have been published there in the last couple of years. Now An Radio is offering a great new opportunity to develop more community voices in an exciting new medium!

You can hear what Gordon has to say here.


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Paul Mc Callum and Tommy Macdonald

13/12/2013 1 comment

In his ongoing series of stories and conversations about Bonnie Prince Charlie Tommy Macdonald sat down with Paul Mc Callum from North Glendale in South Uist recently, for a yarn or two and a song.

The prime focus of attention was on Macdonald of Boisdale – “Alasdair Mòr nam Mart” – held to have given honest advice to the Prince, but whose own reputation was not high amongst local people.

Paul explains why in English here, and goes on to discuss different poetical accounts of the times and how some might be more reliable than others.

Conversation in English:

Cluinnear an dithis a’ deasbad an seo sa Ghàidhlig, ach le sgeul no dhà a bharrachd air an cur ris na chualas sa Bheurla.

Còmhradh sa Ghàidhlig:

Paul has a fund of local tales, but is probably even better known as a singer of remarkable talent. Underlining his own feelings on the events in question, the session finished with this beautiful rendition of Mo Rùn Geal Òg, attributed to Christina Chisholm, widowed at Culloden.

Gaelic song:

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