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Video learning group opens up

Greek television interviews Konstantinou Bliatsios of the Georgiki Anaptixi Vocational Training Centre about the POOLS-CX workshop being hosted in Larisa

The POOLS-CX group has been meeting in Larisa, Greece, this week. This is a Transfer of Innovation project led by the University of Pitesti in Romania, building on the outputs of the original 2005-2007 POOLS project, out of which the Island Voices project was also born. Island Voices co-ordinator Gordon Wells has been helping group members from Italy, Greece, and Turkey to develop video-making techniques for language learning and teaching.

The group has been using Vimeo to upload their first drafts of videos, and comment on their progress. Up until this point this has been a closed group so that comments could be made in confidence. At this week’s meeting it was agreed to open the group to anyone who is interested in learning video skills, so that they can view how the team members have progressed over the past few months. The group can be viewed via this link, where participants’ first videos and discussions can be seen.

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