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Research student visiting Uist

Beth Cole, from Aberdeen University, is keen to talk, listen, and record:

“I’m conducting research for my PhD at the University of Aberdeen as part of the Soillse Network and I am trying to find local Gaelic speakers, of any ability, over the age of 30 who would be willing to take part in a short interview. I am interested in all aspects of Gaelic use but particularly my research examines how Gaelic has been changing in recent years in different Gaelic speaking areas and I’m especially interested in studying Uist Gaelic as it is so rich and its speakers so loyal. For my research I need to record natural conversation between native speakers so interviews would be conducted in pairs or small groups. These would be very informal and relaxed situations with no strict topics of discussions. There would also be a short set of English sentences to verbally translate into Gaelic. The whole interview would last no more than an hour, and would be conducted at a time and place that was mutually convenient. I will be in Uist from 24th November to 1st December; if you are interested in being involved or would like more information please feel free to contact me (Beth Cole) on e.cole@abdn.ac.uk or 07793 937766.”

Anyone interested should please contact Beth directly.

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