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Follow-up Meeting: Balivanich

The “Local Language Patterns” meeting on 6th March generated a lot of ideas for discussion. A common theme that emerged was the sheer amount of mainly voluntary activity that goes on in the community that supports our linguistic diversity.  This is a tremendous resource for language learners who successfully develop social networks outside the classroom walls. Particular mention was made of a recent community drama in North Uist, and the fortnightly Grimsay lunches, where both languages are welcome and actively used. In fact, there was more to say than there was proper time for! As a result, a follow-up meeting has been set up:

“Community Voices in a Digital Age”

Balivanich School

Monday 26th March, 7.30pm

More ideas are sought at this follow-up meeting at which the new “Guthan: Voices” page on the Am Pàipear website will also be introduced and demonstrated, using the fantastic facilities at Balivanich School. An open invitation is again extended to any interested community member to come along. Please advise Gordon Wells beforehand on 07879 644984. A rough idea of numbers will help with preparing teas and coffees!

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