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Sgioba Dràma Uibhist

One of the highlights for the Island Voices team during the creation of the Series Two Enterprise collection was the visit to St Kilda. Quite independently, Sgioba Dràma Uibhist (Uist Drama Group) produced a very different take on the same topic in their recent film “A’ Phàrlamaid”. That the film won the Best Community Short prize in this year’s FilmG competition has been public knowledge for some time now. Less well known is the fact that the movie can now be viewed on the FilmG YouTube channel. Well worth a look!

Gordon Wells caught up with Nanac Skivington during a break from adjudicating at the Uist local Mòd at the weekend. Nanac talks about how the film came to be made, and how they overcame a number of challenges in the process, including the weather! She has encouraging words of advice for other would-be film-makers, and a special word of thanks for Andy Mackinnon at Taigh Chearsabhagh who provided help and guidance.

Listen to the Gaelic interview here:

(Or visit http://ipad.io/10Bx if you’re an iPad/iPhone user.)

And here’s the film itself:

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