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Sheena Stewart and Caraidean Uibhist

A very interesting English conversation between Loriana and Sheena on a topic of local relevance – the kind of thing that would make a good programme on a community radio station?

Agus bhruidhinn Sìne air an aon chuspair sa Ghàidhlig cuideachd. Faodar a cluinntinn air blog Loriana tron cheangal seo no air làrach Pàipear Uibhist.


Loriana Pauli is talking to Sheena Stewart, the coordinator of Caraidean Uibhist, a volunteer support service for people aged 18 years or over who would benefit from befriending support.
The aim of CU is to reduce social isolation and to support people to take a more active role in their community.

To listen to the interview click  here.

For more information please call  01870 603 233 or email  info@caraideanuibhist.org

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