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Hey, hang on a minute, tha mise bilingual!

The British Council book, “Innovations in English language teaching for migrants and refugees”, edited by David Mallows, was published this month (December 2012), and includes a chapter on Guthan nan Eilean/Island Voices by the project co-ordinator, Gordon Wells, entitled “ESOL in the Hebrides and Island Voices – ‘Hey, hang on a minute, tha mise bilingual!'”. The book is published in hard copy and is also available freely online here. The online version conveniently includes live links to relevant websites (such as this one!) and other reference material.

In his introduction David Mallows has this to say on the Island Voices chapter: “Gordon deals with a juxtaposition of technological ‘newness’ and community ‘tradition’. Through a case study set in the Outer Hebrides he relates how aspects of both, often treated as opposing forces, can be harnessed in pursuit of a holistic, bilingual enrichment programme that seeks (among other things) to aid the development of ESOL skills in a small but significant migrant population as part of a community-wide language and media promotional strategy.”

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  1. hamstair_toilichte
    27/12/2012 at 3:17 pm

    Sàr phost, a Ghòrdain!. Compare and (unfavourably) contrast with the backwards monolingualism in that barbaric nation South of the Border, for instance Ed Milibean’s recent pronouncement on languages. Scotland continues to move forwards whilst Ingerlan sinks further into a mythical monocultural past. This tale also puts the lie to the idea that multilingualism is a purely urban phenomenon.

    How many non-English speaking incomers are there in the Outer Hebrides, and where do they originate, do you know?

    • Gordon Wells
      27/12/2012 at 9:03 pm

      Taing, a bhalaich! A quick browse through the other chapters will reveal plenty of good practice in superdiverse conditions amongst your English compatriots too 🙂

      Your question poses definitional problems, so doesn’t allow a quick and easy answer. The 2007 Jentsch, De Lima, and Macdonald reference is useful. The 2011 census results will also be out soon, and should include data on languages other than English.

  2. 07/01/2013 at 8:16 pm

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    Technological ‘newness’ and community ‘tradition’ juxtaposed… An informative follow-up to the British Council ELTON nomination.

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