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ClilstoreThrough Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, the Guthan nan Eilean project is involved with the European TOOLS project’s development of the “Clilstore” platform, which aims to help teachers create multimedia online language learning units which can include easy access to dictionary translations in over 100 languages. (There are over 150 Clilstore units based on Island Voices videos, for example. Take a look at the Series 1 or 2 pages on this site, or at the Extras page.)

The software development is led by Dr Caoimhín Ó Donnaíle on the Isle of Skye, and his work is then tested out by various European partners working in Danish, Lithuanian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic – as well as Irish and Scottish Gaelic.

The overall project is led by Kent Andersen of SDE College in Denmark, who has developed and scripted teach yourself videos for teachers and learners to help them get to know how to use the platform. The scripts have been rendered in seven different languages, with Gordon Wells of Island Voices recording both the English and the Scottish Gaelic versions.

Although the videos are quite long, the plan is to integrate shorter selections from them into the e-book explaining Clilstore that will be another outcome of the TOOLS project. But if you really can’t wait for that, here are a couple of the full-length videos.

The learners’ one in English:

The teachers’ one in Gaelic:

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