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“Flesh on academic bones”

Jenny Pugsley, formerly head of TESOL at Trinity College, London, has reviewed the British Council’s book, Innovations in English language teaching for migrants and refugees, edited by David Mallows, and wholly recommends it. The book contains a chapter on Island Voices (chapter 12, page 153) among many other fascinating case studies that are judged “heartwarming, albeit unsentimental”. You can find the review online here. And the book is also free to download.

British Council bookThe review notes the book’s overall stance on the positive aspects of multilingualism, and poses a provocative thought, perhaps particularly challenging for those raised speaking English only. “The reader could infer that those who are monolingual and determined to remain so may be the losers in the battle for a sense of strong personal identity and communal comfort in the UK of the moment.”

Seadh, deagh adhbhar dhuinn an dà chànan a th’ againn an seo sna h-eileanan a chumail a’ dol – agus ’s dòcha feadhainn a bharrachd ionnsachadh?

“… a very positive collection to be shared with practitioners and worldwide…”

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