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Catching up with Clilstore

The fourth meeting of the European TOOLS project has taken place in Evora, Portugal, following on directly from the 2013 Eurocall conference. At the heart of the project is the development of the innovative “Clilstore” software package.  In these short conversations Gordon Wells invited the project co-ordinator, Kent Andersen, and the program developer, Caoimhìn Ò Donnaile, to outline briefly how the project has developed and explain how it can help language learners and teachers. Kent speaks in English, and Caoimhìn in Gaelic.

Here’s Kent:

Here’s Caoimhìn:

The idea for Clilstore itself developed out of discussions and developments initiated in the “POOLS-T” project. You can hear Kent and Caoimhìn talking about that project three years ago in this Island Voices post.

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    Kent and Caoimhìn talk about how the idea that became Clilstore has developed over time.

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