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Tug of War

The Bi Beò songwriting partnership of Kevin de Las Casas and James MacLetchie featured with one of their earliest songs in Series 1 of the Guthan nan Eilean project. Extracts from subsequent recordings were also used on the soundtracks of various Series 2 Outdoors, Generations, and Enterprise films. Later still, the Bi Beò band “went the way of the Beatles”, and is no longer performing.

However, the original writers have kindly consented to having a selection of their compositions placed online, in case they may be of benefit as listening material for Gaelic learners. Here, as an experiment, is “Tug of War” – from the “Ma Sgaoil” collection – rendered as a Clilstore unit. You can listen and read at the same time, and click any word for an instant dictionary entry. What do you think?

And there’s an extra challenge for Island Voices afficionados! On which Series 2 documentary were extracts from this track used on the soundtrack? (Clue – think “outside” the box…)

PS. Here’s the “raw” track if you want to hear it first before reading the lyrics on Clilstore:

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  1. Kevin de Las Casas
    17/10/2013 at 7:05 pm

    Thanks to Gordon for putting ‘tug of war’ up. Just for the record, the flute playing on this song is by ‘himself’ Gordon Wells and a great thing too . Best, K de L C

  1. 12/11/2013 at 2:01 pm

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