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On Demand Audio with An Radio

The developing An Radio website took another step forward yesterday with the launch of its “On Demand Audio” section. You’ll find it just below the An Radio Player, and just above the link to Island Voices. If you click on the dropdown menu in the sidebar you’ll find a choice of very interesting and informative interviews with local people about local venues and events.

Of course, at this stage of An Radio’s development these are just examples of the kind of thing that the station, as a genuine community enterprise, aims to develop and expand upon. Its success will be crucially dependent on active input from as many people as possible, and the door is always open to more volunteers!

Among the interviews available “On Demand” are two clips from Gordon Wells, Island Voices Co-ordinator.

Gordon talks in English and Gaelic about what this project aims to do, and what it might have to offer to anyone who may be feeling tempted to get involved with An Radio, but perhaps feels they could use some extra help to get started. As Island Voices followers will know, the project has already been helping community members to contribute to the online Guthan/Voices page of Am Pàipear. Nearly fifty separate items have been published there in the last couple of years. Now An Radio is offering a great new opportunity to develop more community voices in an exciting new medium!

You can hear what Gordon has to say here.


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