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Uist and the French MacDonald

Jean-Didier Hache is a frequent traveller between Paris and Uist, having the good fortune to have a home in each location. He is also a writer and historian, among other things, and so is perfectly placed to offer Tommy Macdonald a French perspective on the Bonnie Prince Charlie story.

Early in the new year the two sat down for a dram and a brief chat, in which Jean-Didier added more biographical detail on the comings and goings of the multilingual Uibhisteach Neil MacEachan, the prince’s constant companion during his travels in Uist. We also learn more about Neil’s son, “The French MacDonald”, who rose to high rank in the French army during Napoleonic times, and about whom Jean-Didier has written this book.

Tommy and Jean-Didier spoke first in English. The conversation is split into two parts, the first dealing with the father, the second with the son.

On Neil MacEachan:

On Alexandre MacDonald:

After that Jean-Didier delivered a précis in French, for the benefit of Francophone listeners, while adding some more detail on specific events and sites in France that relate to the tale.

En Français:

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    Très intéressant!

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