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Battlefield Visit

Last Friday (14th March) saw Taigh Chearsabhabh overflowing again, with members of the community attending the second cèilidh of the project An Fheadhainn tha Laighe Sàmhach. This time there was a special presentation by teachers and students from Sgoil Lìonacleit about their recent trip to various First World War sites and cemeteries. The students showed photos and a short film from their visit, and spoke openly and honestly about the emotional impact of the trip to a rapt audience. Tunes and songs were also shared in the group, with various junior and senior pipers and singers contributing.

Afterwards, Marybell Macintyre from Sgoil Lìonacleit spoke in Gaelic to Gordon Wells about the trip and about the deeper understanding that both she, as a teacher, and the students themselves had gained from it. The conversation is introduced with a snatch of the piping of Sarah MacMillan, and finishes with a taste of Duncan Mackinnon’s singing.

Listen here:

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