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POOLS-3 audio and video presentationThe Island Voices project originated with “Series One” in the 2005-2007 Leonardo-funded European project “POOLS”, and subsequently developed “a life of its own” after that. Technology and techniques have moved on since those early days, of course, but fundamental principles remain stable, and lessons can still be learned.

“POOLS-3” is a Transfer of Innovation project in which institutions involved in teaching Catalan, Czech, and Irish aim to replicate and develop some of the key outputs from the first POOLS project. At a recent meeting in Barcelona, Gordon Wells gave this brief presentation on approaches to media recording, based on his experiences with POOLS and Island Voices/Guthan nan Eilean.

Update (01/06/14): Stucom, our Catalan partners, have just placed online this video of Gordon’s presentation, delivered in their Smart Room. Gordon talks through the power point, simultaneously demonstrating how NOT to wear a lapel mike…

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