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The Road to Rueval and Beyond

GuthannagroupHere’s another video recording on the new Guthanna na nGael YouTube channel, set up by our Irish visitors on returning home after their recent visit to Benbecula. Here, from the top of Rueval, Archie Campbell explains to the visitors some of the historical background to the sights spread out below and beyond. They reached their viewpoint following the same road that Bonnie Prince Charlie and Flora Macdonald took when escaping “over the sea to Skye”.

Archie also points to the settlement where another more contemporary Flora Macdonald was raised, and alludes to the bilingual book “Còco is Crùbagan” (with Gaelic audio) that she wrote about her upbringing there. It comes well recommended for any learner of Gaelic!

(Flora was also one of the earliest contributors to Guthan nan Eilean, featuring in the Craigard English and Gaelic documentaries, as well as providing an interview herself.)

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  1. Steaphan MacRisnidh
    26/11/2014 at 5:44 pm

    Tha an leabhar Còco is Crùbagan agam gu dearbh fhèin, ‘s math an t-àite san leabhar fhaicinn air mo bheulaibh an seo!

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