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Интервью с Гордоном Уэлсом: Island Voices & Ukraine

Island Voices recently received an interesting request from Anastasia Grishko of “TV Union” in the Ukraine. They’re setting up a School of Hyperlocal Community Media Creation and were interested in our experiences. Gordon Wells was more than happy to answer Anastasia’s questions about the way the project works, and the various media and languages we use. The interview is now online, in English here and Russian here.


Anastasia also sent through this link for anyone who may be interested in finding out more about Kherson in South Ukraine, where her organisation is based.


Certainly it’s gratifying to hear that our work here in the Hebrides might be considered as some kind of model for other projects on mainland Europe. As Gordon explains in the interview, the first pieces of work from which Island Voices sprang were begun nearly ten years ago now. The project has grown and developed since then in ways that could not have been predicted. Who knows what’s in store for the next decade? That is very much dependent on what community members want to do next…

є ідеї? Beachd sam bith?

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