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Sgeulachdan Thormoid: Mìorbhailtean ann am Barraigh

Fans of Norman Maclean are in for a treat! Norman recently invited Gordon Wells over to his house to hear and record a selection of Gaelic stories, related in his trademark style. What a privilege!

In his words of introduction, Norman explains his reasons for wanting to make the recordings, and expresses the hope they may be of use to learners.

The Guthan nan Eilean/Island Voices project is only too pleased to help by placing them online. They will make a fantastic addition to the ever-growing collection of locally sourced recordings that capture Gaelic as it is spoken.

Here’s Norman’s introduction.

And here’s his story of “Miracles in Barra” – a taste of things to come…

Watch this space!

Update: All recordings in both the “Saoghal Thormoid” and “Sgeulachdan Thormoid” collections are now available on the “Norman Maclean” page.

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  1. 22/03/2016 at 12:54 am

    This is the language of my great great grandfather Savage who died when I was eight years old. I live in the United States and he died in the seventies. Listening to you speak, Sir , I thought back to a day long ago in a nursing home room where we were visiting him. He came from the Isle of Man and lived to be well over 100 . Your voice reminds me of him though I could scarce understand you at first. Thanks for telling this story and making me remember my great great grandad .

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