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Saoghal Thormoid: Dimàirt – Foghlam

dimairtAn dèidh a chuid smuaintean a chur an cèill air an sgaradh eadar Caitligich is Pròstanaich ann an Glaschu, tha Tormod a’ bruidhinn air a shlighe foghlaim fhèin, le tuairisgeul beothail, brìoghmhor, tro bhun-sgoiltean ann an Loch Abar, Beinn na Faoghla is Glaschu, agus air adhart gu Bellahouston Academy agus Oilthigh Ghlaschu.  Tha e a’ mìneachadh nam bacaidhean agus nan roghainnean cànain a rinn e fhèin is daoine eile, aig an taigh agus anns an sgoil, agus e a’ beachdachadh air an t-suidheachadh eadar Gàidheal is Gall ann an Glaschu, agus cuid de na roghainnean foghlaim a rinn e aig an àm.

After offering some further thoughts on the dominant Catholic-Protestant divide in the Glasgow of his youth, Norman goes on to trace his educational journey, with customary vivid detail and illustrative anecdote, through primary schools in Lochaber, Benbecula and Glasgow, and on to Bellahouston Academy and Glasgow University. He discusses the constraints on, and the opportunities for, varied language choices he and others made in these contexts, within and outwith home and school environments, reflecting also on the Gàidheal-Gall relationship in Glasgow, and some of the wider educational choices he made at that time.

A full transcript of this conversation is available here on Clilstore. (The Unit Info tab also enables access to Google Translate.)

The “Saoghal Thormoid” project is a collaboration between Soillse, the inter-university research partnership which funded the recordings through its Small Research Fund, and Guthan nan Eilean (Island Voices).

Update: All recordings in both the “Saoghal Thormoid” and “Sgeulachdan Thormoid” collections are now available on the “Norman Maclean” page.

Chan eil na beachdan aig com-pàirtichean ann an rannsachadh Shoillse a’ comharrachadh beachd oifigeil sam bith aig Soillse fhèin.
Views expressed by participants in Soillse research do not reflect any official opinion of the Soillse partnership. 


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