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Norman’s World – In Print!


For all that the Guthan nan Eilean project is about recording “Island Voices”, and so capturing and curating speech, there are those who still prefer to read – and not just online but off paper. With that in mind, the Soillse-supported “Saoghal Thormoid” series featuring Norman Maclean in conversation with Gordon Wells has now been made available in printable format.

This document, “Saoghal Thormoid – Norman Maclean: Synopses and Transcripts“, contains a verbatim written version of all the recordings in the series, and is free to download. Complementing the transcripts are the brief synopses of each day’s discussion previously published online.

What’s additionally new, however, is the Foreword by Conchúr Ó Giollagáin, Director of Soillse and Gaelic Research Professor at the University of the Highlands and Islands, in which he maps out the significance of Norman’s lifelong contribution to Gaelic culture, and the potential for research and recovery that work of this nature embodies.

“Tormod’s life is an acknowledgement of the cultural wealth of Gaelic society, and by virtue of this archive, he represents an ambassador to its future.” Give it a read!

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