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ゲール語圏内の旅 – A Gaelic Journey




Tha “Guth Eileanach” bho eileanan gu math fada air falbh air a chluinntinn an turas seo, agus Cuairt Ghàidhealach air a lìbhrigeadh tro Sheapanais, cànan ùr a chuireas sinn ri càch air an duilleag seo – “Cànain Eile”. (Cluinnear cuideachd a’ Ghàidhlig Èireannach agus a’ Ghàidhlig Albannach.) Cò an ath fhear, saoil?

Japanese becomes the tenth tongue to feature in our Sharing Gaelic Voices theme. We’re grateful to the volunteers, principally from Waseda University, who contributed to this new version of A Gaelic Journey, brilliantly co-ordinated by Tony Newell. There’s a considerable linguistic distance to travel between any Western European language and Japanese, but Tony’s team have done a great job here, with special thanks due to Emi Sauzier-Uchida, our newest “Island Voice”, for her beautifully clear narration.

This is ground breaking work, not just for Island Voices, but also for Clilstore as we proudly present our first unit (6109) in Japanese on this powerfully flexible platform. The complex writing system presents new challenges for the developer, Caoimhín Ó Donnaíle, and there may well be glitches – which he will, no doubt, be keen to hear about. Feedback is always welcome!


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