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Language Issues Update

Sharing Gaelic Voices” started as a new Guthan nan Eilean theme relatively recently, more or less coinciding with the 2016 summer issue of NATECLA‘s journal “Language Issues”. We’re very grateful to the editor Sally Bird for the update she’s now written on our project for the 2017 winter issue of the same journal. You can freely and directly access Sally’s Island Voices article here.

There’s a multilingual theme to the entire issue, with weighty contributions from James Simpson, Melanie Cooke, and other prominent thinkers and practitioners in the ESOL and Community Languages field. Now that the number of languages in which we’ve produced films has broken into double figures – see the Other Tongues page – we’re pleased to feature again in the NATECLA journal. You can get access to the full journal by following this link.

And if anyone wants to add further to the Island Voices list of languages, do get in touch!

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