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Stòras Beò: Seònaid

In amongst the valuable Gaelic social history, Stòras Beò nan Gàidheal interviewer Pàdruig Moireach (Peter Murray) uncovered some interesting new family stories when he talked to his mother, Seònaid (Jessie) – including why she didn’t emigrate to Canada!

In the first part, Jessie, originally from Shawbost, Lewis, talks to Peter about their family history, and how his grandparents actually met and married around the time of the Depression in Detroit, where there was a strong Gaelic community. She tells stories of him jumping ship, and his working conditions and how they differed in America. On returning to Lewis they raised a family on the croft, and Jessie talks of her earliest memories of life on the land, herding the cows and getting home-made butter and cheese, and the food she got at school before they opened a canteen. (You can get a Clilstore transcript here: Unit 8388.)

In the second part, Jessie recalls her schooling and the weak Gaelic component to it, though the language was strong in the playground and the community. Communion practices are also recalled, as well as the role of supernatural tales, and New Year and Hallowe’en customs in a culture where house visits were common. After leaving school at 16 and some work experience, Jessie settled on training for nursing, which took her to Glasgow. Plans to move to Canada were abandoned when she met Peter’s father, and they returned to Lewis, first to Carloway, then Stornoway. Now living in Inverness, she offers thoughts on changes she’s seen in Lewis and the lack of opportunities. She prefers to remember home as it was. (You can get a Clilstore transcript here: Unit 8389.)

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  1. John Mackillop
    01/06/2020 at 7:24 pm

    Her husband saved my sister’s life when she was in Carloway primary school

  2. lillisolaoire
    01/06/2020 at 9:01 pm

    Thoir mo shoraidh gu mo leannan
    Is gu gach caileag aoibhneach
    Dèan innse dhaibh ma bhios mi maireann
    Nach dèan Sasainn Gall dhiom.

    Soraidh leis gach cnoc is leathad
    Bha na mhiann chaoidh dhomh
    Far an d’fhuair mi a’ chìoch ‘s a’ chiall
    Siabost an Leòdhas.

    • Gordon Wells
      02/06/2020 at 9:35 am

      Mìle taing, a Lillis. Saoil cò rinn an t-òran seo?

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