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Stòras Beò: Gina

Another two-way conversation in the Stòras Beò collection. Here, Archie Campbell questions Gina MacDonald on her recollections and opinions on growing up and continuing to live on North Uist in the Outer Hebrides.

In the first part, Gina from Claddach Baleshare in North Uist remembers her early schooldays, and a childhood in the Westford Inn. She talks about the prevalence of Gaelic and the difference in English skills between the generations. She completed her schooling in Inverness, and worked in Glasgow for a while before returning to Uist to work in a bank. Then, after retiring from that work, she returned to education to do a BA in Art, and she discusses some of the challenges entailed.

A Clilstore transcript is available here: http://multidict.net/cs/8240

In the second part, Gina first shows Archie some of her work from her art course, discussing local environmental and cultural influences and their interaction with memory processes. This leads on to discussing local storytelling experiences. Gina further explains how the family croft has developed, with the associated self-catering accommodation business for returning visitors, and expresses an interest in continuing to work with the active local history society.

A Clilstore transcript is available here: http://multidict.net/cs/8241

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