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Stòras Beò: Calum

CAF1Calum Alasdair Fraser, from Tolastadh a’ Chaolais, talks to Maggie Smith about his family connections and upbringing on the west side of Lewis.

In his childhood he spent a lot of time outdoors. Though still young himself, he remembers the sound of weaving from many houses – a sound that is no longer heard. After leaving school he tried various jobs in different locations. Now he works on Gaelic issues with An Lanntair in Stornoway.

He talks about how he values the Gaelic language and its close connection to where he lives, even though it wasn’t his home language growing up. He also talks about his musical activities, and his interest in maintaining local interest in Gaelic, relating it to a changed way of life that still has close connections to previous generations.

A full transcript with the video embedded can be viewed on the Clilstore platform here: https://multidict.net/cs/9331

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  1. Donna Gillespie
    22/04/2021 at 7:33 pm

    I was born in Carloway and grew up in Breasclete so I really did enjoy listening to Calum, Hearing all that Lewis Gaelic was a treat as I sit here in Calgary. I know some of your family Calum ..

  2. Catherine Macdonald Burgess
    23/04/2021 at 2:23 am

    So interesting. Although born in Glasgow I spent all my school holidays in Tolsta chaolais, which I loved. My father came from T.C and my other granny came from Doune. I am trying to learn Gaelic, which was my parents native language and was always spoken at home. Memories of happy days as a child with my darling aunts and in the “glen” feeding the lambs in the Katie Morag house, picnics at the peats with Cremola Foam, filling bobbins and attending the mission house” services on a Sunday, wonderful people of faith.

  3. Calum
    23/04/2021 at 12:06 pm

    @Donna, That’s great!! I shall pass on your regards

    @Catherine, steall ort leis a’ Ghàidhlig! Whereabouts did your family stay in TC, were they in that house in the glen? Trying to draw the connections

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