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Clach-mhìle air YouTube

Island Voices Videos on YouTube1,000 subscribers to our YouTube channel!

About the channel:

“Video clips primarily for language learners, but also anyone else interested in the Hebrides. For more information please pay a visit to the “Fiosrachadh – Information” page …. Perhaps you have some suggestions – or would like to take part? You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

In the great majority of cases we have not burned subtitles into our videos, but “wordlinked” transcripts are generally available via the Clilstore links through our WordPress site …. In such cases, an automatically generated English version (via Google Translate) is available through Clilstore. The quality of the translation is, of course, subject to Google’s capacity to process the original text.

It’s early days yet for Automatic Speech Recognition in Gaelic, but we’re pleased to be contributing to that development. This has stimulated experimentation with the optional Closed Caption facility. Where activated, auto-translation into other languages is also available.”

Here’s to the next 1,000!

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