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Stòras Beò: Christine NicLeòid

ChristineChristine MacLeod from Bragar in Lewis talks to Maggie Smith.

Christine remembers growing up in a crofting community where weaving and fishing were commonplace activities, and Gaelic was widely spoken in the local primary school. After secondary education in Stornoway, she moved to Edinburgh, first to study and then to teach, first through English medium, and then in the Gaelic school at Tollcross.

She has happy memories of her teaching career, but is content to have retired from that job and returned to Lewis. She speaks with particular conviction on the value of storytelling in education. She talks about Bragar today, touching on the use of Gaelic, local placenames, the new use for the old school, and the Bragar style of speech. She’s pleased her own Edinburgh-raised children think of it as home.

A wordlinked transcript alongside the embedded video is available here: https://multidict.net/cs/9504

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