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Edits, Updates, Additions, Improvements

New Island Voices compositePNGcropBliadhn’ Ùr Mhath and Happy New Year to Island Voices followers wherever you are!

The changeover from 2022 to 2023 coincides with a number of changes to the WordPress site.

We’ve updated the Research/Reports page by including the talk on ‘Guth Thormoid: the “Island Voice” of Norman Maclean’ for the University of Arizona Celtic Linguistics group.

We’ve updated and improved the Other Tongues page by adding Di Nyuuzpiepa to the Jamaican selection, prompting us to also de-clutter the page by creating subsections for languages with multiple films (Basque, Hindi, Jamaican, Urdu).

We’ve added a new page for the Aire air Sunnd project so you can find all related posts in one place – with more to come in 2023…

And we’ve re-edited and updated the About page to reflect latest developments.

We’re still pretty comfortable in our overall somewhat retro skin, but have indulged in one further cosmetic improvement – no more adverts!

Simply refreshed, we look forward to 2023, hoping for all good things for us all!

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