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Loriana agus a cù

26/11/2012 2 comments

It may feel presumptuous for a Gaelic learner to assume that they can just start up a conversation in the language with any local person they meet. In a bilingual community the patterns of language use and language choice can be complex between neighbours, friends, and relations. But once it becomes known that a newcomer is eager to learn and speak Gaelic then many people may well wish to help in any way they can, for example by trying out some simple conversations with the learner.

Loriana Pauli has used Ipadio to try out some of her Gaelic, and hopes that will encourage others to speak to her in the language. It’s becoming urgent – her new dog, Roy, has no English!

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Gathered and Shared – Poems and Music

06/05/2018 2 comments

Many thanks to Loriana Pauli for sending Island Voices this new offering – a podcast she and fellow Uist-based students on the UHI BA in Applied Music made with the help of local poet Pauline Prior-Pitt. Originally broadcast by An Radio, we’re delighted to post the link here. It’s a nice mix of poetry and music, English and Gaelic.

In this short programme Loriana Pauli, Chloe Steele, Angharad Whittle, Peter Davidson, and Jordan Neill have put together images in words and music of some aspects of Uist’s working life and traditions.

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Pròiseact ùr aig Caraidean Uibhist

08/05/2014 2 comments

caraideanUibhistPhone1‘S fhada bho nach cuala sinn bho Loriana Pauli! Ach tha i air ais, le agallamh fìor inntinneach sa Bheurla le Sìne Stiùbhart agus Norma Neill aig Caraidean Uibhist.

Tha pròiseact ùr aig a’ bhuidheann, air a bheil an t-ainm “Telephone Befriending”.

Cluinnear barrachd mu dheidhinn le bhith a’ putadh air an dealbh shìos air neo an seo, no ma thathas airson barrachd fhaighinn a-mach mu dheidhinn faodar fòn a chur gu 01870 603233.


(Read about this in English on the Am Pàipear Voices page here.)

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Interview with Gloria MacKillop in Berneray

09/04/2013 Leave a comment

Loriana records another sparkling Island Voice. She’s making quite a collection!



Gloria MacKillop arrived 46 years ago to Berneray, the ‘island of bachelors’, to be a relief district nurse.  Her plan to stay for three months and then go back to Australia fell apart when she met ‘Splash’, her husband to be.  In this lively account Gloria tells us  how she found unexpected family members in Scotland. She speaks  about her first years on the island, how she learned to cope with boats, with crofting life, how life was before the causeway connected the island to North Uist, how Berneray became  ‘home’ (even without ‘cotton bushes’ to hide).

Her love for sheep helped her over the loss of her late husband.  Here we see her on an early April day sorrounded by ewes and lambs.


It is a pleasure to witness Gloria’s lively energy, to listen to her refreshing laughter, to her interesting life story. Who would believe she has lived…

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Interview with Sandra Humphrey

01/02/2013 3 comments

Loriana chalks up another fascinating and informative interview. Disability access doesn’t always get good coverage as an issue at any level. But Sandra brings it home.

Click on the picture to get to the interview on Loriana’s blog.


Sandra Humphrey
To listen to the interview, click here:

Sandra speaks about the aims of the Disability Access Panel, of how the group wants to help people find help and easy access when having to travel or visit public buildings and when using public transport. She explains how help is given at the airport in Benbecula and encourages people to go and inform themselves a few days before a flight – if possible.  The airport hands out special leaflets for people in need of help (LOGANAIR and FLYBE).

A longterm aim of the group is also to create more easy accessible outdoor facilities, so that people can enjoy the beauty of the Uists.

The UDAP is situated in Tagsa, East Camp Enterprise Park in Balivanich.

For any questions contact  01870 602 111


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Interview with Norma Neill

23/11/2012 Leave a comment

Còmhradh eile aig Loriana le cuidegin sa choimhearsnachd a tha dèanamh obair luachmhor…

(Click on the picture to get to Loriana’s original blogpost, with audio link.)


Norma Neill, 201112….. about living on the Islands, her passion for gardening and her engagement for  SUICIDE  PREVENTION.

Click below to listen to the interview:

Listen here:

Kenna MacInnes  in Balivanich is the person to contact if you are interested in a Suicide Prevention course:  Tel:  01870 602 588

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From the Water’s Edge

10/10/2012 3 comments

Berneray resident Loriana Pauli has created a marvellous multimedia and multilingual blog – “From the Water’s Edge”. It’s a lovely collection of thoughts and questions, poems and pictures.

Loriana also brings humour into her work. “Oh, dear! What can the machair be?” is a title that demands closer investigation – investigation that is rewarded with both educative text and stunning photographs.

And her blog includes speech as well as writing. Loriana, among many other skills, has a unique interviewing style, and has already recorded illuminating conversations with Pauline Prior-Pitt of the Uist Writers’ Group, and with the co-ordinators of both Caraidean Uibhist (The Uist Befriending Group) and Guthan nan Eilean.

We look forward to hearing many more “Island Voices” on this blog!

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Caraidean Uibhist Online

27/09/2012 1 comment

Loriana Pauli recently recorded a couple of very interesting interviews with Sheena Stewart of the Uist Befriending group, Caraidean Uibhist. Sheena spoke, among other things, of the potential that new technology may offer in support of the group’s work. So now, with a little help from Guthan nan Eilean, they are taking their first steps into the “online world”, with a brand new Facebook page! You can find it here. (Click on the “Like” button at the top of their page in order to follow their progress…) If you visit you will see that Sheena is also exploring what Ipadio has to offer – perhaps as a means of recording oral stories or reminiscences. It’s early days, but this should be a space worth watching…

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Uist Radio Inaugural Meeting

17/08/2012 Leave a comment

“An Radio” takes another step forward with the announcement of its inaugural meeting on the 29th of August.

The group has its OFCOM licence, most of the start-up money required, and will be appointing a paid development worker over the next few months. Various options for premises are being looked at in Benbecula. Nominations for directors are now being sought. Click on the poster for Neil Campbell’s contact details.

As Neil explained in his recent Island Voices interview, there will be space for both English and Gaelic material in this new community venture. It will be a while yet before An Radio goes on air, but anyone who wants to have a go at sound recording for online publication is welcome to try their hand through Guthan nan Eilean. Using Ipadio it couldn’t be easier! We’ve already had some nice examples from Archie Campbell and Loriana Pauli, for example.

Phone or text Gordon Wells on 07879 644984 if you’d like some help to get started.

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Sheena Stewart and Caraidean Uibhist

27/07/2012 1 comment

A very interesting English conversation between Loriana and Sheena on a topic of local relevance – the kind of thing that would make a good programme on a community radio station?

Agus bhruidhinn Sìne air an aon chuspair sa Ghàidhlig cuideachd. Faodar a cluinntinn air blog Loriana tron cheangal seo no air làrach Pàipear Uibhist.


Loriana Pauli is talking to Sheena Stewart, the coordinator of Caraidean Uibhist, a volunteer support service for people aged 18 years or over who would benefit from befriending support.
The aim of CU is to reduce social isolation and to support people to take a more active role in their community.

To listen to the interview click  here.

For more information please call  01870 603 233 or email

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