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Public Meetings on Gaelic

11/03/2017 Leave a comment

Please spread the word. The more the merrier!

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Dziewięćset dziewięćdziesiąt dziewięć!

16/02/2017 Leave a comment

kopanie1Kopanie torfu”, our first production in the recently started “Sharing Gaelic Voices” theme is approaching a significant milestone. At “dziewięćset dziewięćdziesiąt dziewięć” we are one away from 1,000 views on YouTube of our Polish documentary on peatcutting!

YouTube analytics show that in the past couple of months this has become one of our most frequently watched videos.

Who will be the one thousandth viewer?

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Surfing: سرفنگ – Urdu Documentary

02/01/2017 1 comment

سکاٹ لینڈ میں شمالی یوئسٹ کے خوبصورت ساحلوں میں سرفنگ کے متعلق مختصر ڈاکومنٹری

Film aithriseach goirid ann an Urdu airson luchd-ionnsachaidh air surfadh ann an Uibhist a Tuath

Short Urdu documentary for language learners about surfing in North Uist

The “Island Voice” of Javed Ishaq is heard again, all the way from Multan! Following on from his Restore Project film, he now introduces Urdu learners and speakers to the joys of surfing. There are no borders when it comes to “Sharing Gaelic Voices“…

Island Voices is again pleased to make a wordlinked transcript to this film available through Clilstore. Please check Unit 4642!


Gaelic voices are also heard in the backing music, singing along to North Uist’s answer to the Beach Boys, the now “defunked” Bi Beò. Here’s the rolling refrain to Dannsa a’ Phortain (The Crab Dance):

O thì, hug oro fail ill o horo
Thì, hug oro fail i horo
Thì, hug oro fail ill o horo
Fail ill o hug oro eile


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Yearend Milestone

31/12/2016 Leave a comment

31st December doesn’t just mark the end of 2016. It’s also the day when the number of Island Voices Facebook “likes” reached 2000! The project now works on a voluntary basis, so we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our contributors over the past year who continue to make this an interesting site to visit. Our biggest project this year was undoubtedly “Saoghal Thormoid“, which we were glad to bring out in Norman’s 80th year, but we shouldn’t let that overshadow the contributions of many others. We were particularly happy to start pushing the “Sharing Gaelic Voices” theme this year, which has already doubled the number of languages in which Guthan nan Eilean videos have appeared. We hope to grow that number further in 2017…


We’re delighted to have reached 2000 Facebook “likes”, of course. The page is a great way of spreading news about the project. But our real “home” is here on WordPress. If you want to be sure of getting all the news about what we do without worrying about Facebook’s sometimes mysterious algorithms, you may wish to consider subscribing for e-mail notification? If so, check the right-hand sidebar for instruction, just below the “Follow on Facebook” icon.


We wish all our followers a happy 2017! Keep the ideas coming…

Bliadhn’ Ùr Mhath – nuair a thig i!


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80 Years Young

26/12/2016 Leave a comment


Ceann-bliadhna sona do Thormod an-diugh! Norman Maclean is 80 today, and still going strong. The BBC marked this milestone with a special item on the News – and we wish him well at Island Voices/Guthan nan Eilean. What a contribution he’s made, and is still making! (Remember also to check his recently started blog…)

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Norman Maclean – if he turns up!

16/12/2016 Leave a comment

normansblogThere’s a treat in store for anyone who’s seen and liked Norman Maclean‘s work on Island Voices (or elsewhere). Norman is starting his own blog – “If he turns up” – and is inviting readers to give it a shot. It will consist of slices from his newest title, not yet published – “A Half-Breed Looks Back”.

“I’ll do this on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays until I have evidence, one way or another, that there is measurable demand for my stuff. Please share with anyone who may be turned on by my ramblings about slum life in 50s Glasgow, undergraduate lowlights and a veteran entertainer’s return to the Hebrides.”

Here’s his first post – Ready, Steady, Go!

Nach sgaoil sibh an naidheachd seo, a chàirdean!

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Re-Store Project: بحالی منصوبہ – Urdu documentary

12/11/2016 1 comment


زبان سیکھنے والوں کے لئے مختصر اردو ڈاکومنٹری جس میں اسکاٹ لینڈ کے علاقے جنوبی یوئیسٹ میں بارنش نامی گاؤں کا بحالی منصوبہ دکھایا گیا ہے

Film aithriseach goirid ann an Urdu airson luchd-ionnsachaidh air an obair aig Pròiseact Re-Store ann am Bòrnais, Uibhist a Deas.

Short Urdu documentary for language learners showing the work of the Re-Store Project at Bornish, South Uist.

Another welcome contribution, this time from Javed Ishaq, to our “Sharing Gaelic Voices” theme, though certainly not the first time the Urdu language will have been heard in a Hebridean context. From the mid-twentieth century and earlier a steady stream of intrepid South Asian traders plied their wares here, many fondly remembered by their local customers in the different islands, while some settled and established thriving businesses. This is a re-working of one of the original Series One videos. The Re-Store Project has gone from strength to strength since then. Read more about it here.

What will be new, however, is this – Unit 4481, the first Clilstore unit in Urdu, proudly produced by Island Voices! This gives a full transcript of the Urdu voiceover. Just click on a word to get its translation.

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