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Patent Draft Excluder

03/03/2015 Leave a comment

caoimhindraft2Clilstore creator Caoimhìn Ò Donnaìle takes learner autonomy and the spirit of DIY self-reliance to a new level with this demonstration of how to make your own draft excluder with maximum efficiency and minimum cost.

The invention itself is a model of effective simplicity, created in real time before your eyes. All you need is a roll of tape. And the same can be said of the Clilstore demonstration itself! All you need is a camera…

Dè cho Gàidhealach agus a tha sin!


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Ewen MacAskill

16/02/2015 Leave a comment

macaskillEwen MacAskill from North Uist talks in Gaelic to Mary Morrison about the impact of the First World War on various family members and the wider community.

As with many Uist families there were members with direct experience of the war, and some who did not return – and those who did would often not speak about it.

The impacts on the community were brought into sharp focus through his mother’s position as Grimsay postmistress, and therefore deliverer of telegrams to other local families.

This short video was filmed by Laura Donkers for the “An fheadhainn tha laighe sàmhach” project, led by North Uist Historical Society.

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Lovers’ Rock

14/02/2015 Leave a comment

SuileanDubhLooking for a line on Valentine’s Day? Look no further! Here’s another love song  “haund-knitted” in Uist, with the romantic lyrics written and sung by James Macletchie.

Bi Beò (nach maireann) were early contributors to Island Voices, so might now be considered “Golden Oldies”, but their rock’n’roll’n’reggae style was “eclectic”, to say the least. Here, resurrected from their “Ma Sgaoil” collection, the Caribbean-influenced “Sùilean Dubh nan Eilean” is rendered as a Clilstore unit, allowing listeners to read as they listen, checking any words they don’t know as they go along. Happy Valentine’s Day! Keep it educational…

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Donald MacCormick: Highland Soldiers

09/02/2015 Leave a comment

DonaldBooksDonald MacCormick, the well-known book-collector, talks in Gaelic to Archie Campbell about the contributions and sacrifices made by Highland soldiers in the First World War, and the reputation they earned.

As the statistics he cites make clear, it came at a heavy price, especially amongst the pipers.

This is another short film, shot by Laura Donkers, made as part of the An fheadhainn tha laighe sàmhach project led by North Uist Historical Society, Comann Eachdraidh Uibhist a Tuath, which is collecting some very distinctive “island voices” that have a special tale to tell.

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Norman Johnson – Piper

30/01/2015 1 comment

PiperNorman2Norman Johnson talks in Gaelic to Mary Morrison about the special role of the piper in many regiments in the First World War – Canadian, Australian, Indian, and others, as well as Scottish. He relates anecdotes heard from old soldiers in the war, and finishes with a special tune – Donald’s awa’ to war.

Mary made this recording for the “An fheadhainn tha laighe sàmhach” project led by the North Uist Historical Society, Comann Eachdraidh Uibhist a Tuath.

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Community Voices Collected

22/01/2015 Leave a comment

NewPagesCompFour new pages have been added to the Guthan nan Eilean/Island Voices website in the past week. They bring together selections from the additional recording work that has been ongoing in the community since the original Series One and Two were completed.

The four themes are Bonnie Prince Charlie, The Great War, Gaelic Journeys, and Storytellers. Between all four you will currently find links to 48 separate recordings in four different languages. This number is liable to grow further as more recordings in these areas are made and added to the pages. The pages also contain links to relevant blogposts about the individual recordings, as well as Clilstore versions in some cases.

You can access the pages just by clicking on the above links in this post, or you will also find tabs for the pages across the top of this site and in the sidebar to the right, below the links to Series One and Two and others. Happy viewing/listening/reading!

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The Road to Rueval and Beyond

24/11/2014 1 comment

GuthannagroupHere’s another video recording on the new Guthanna na nGael YouTube channel, set up by our Irish visitors on returning home after their recent visit to Benbecula. Here, from the top of Rueval, Archie Campbell explains to the visitors some of the historical background to the sights spread out below and beyond. They reached their viewpoint following the same road that Bonnie Prince Charlie and Flora Macdonald took when escaping “over the sea to Skye”.

Archie also points to the settlement where another more contemporary Flora Macdonald was raised, and alludes to the bilingual book “Còco is Crùbagan” (with Gaelic audio) that she wrote about her upbringing there. It comes well recommended for any learner of Gaelic!

(Flora was also one of the earliest contributors to Guthan nan Eilean, featuring in the Craigard English and Gaelic documentaries, as well as providing an interview herself.)

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