In addition to pursuing practical community-based actions the project maintains a research and reporting perspective, particularly in relation to language learning, bilingualism, and languages and digital media.

The reports, articles, and other publications listed below have been produced in collaboration with a range of organisations or institutions with an interest in language research and development. Some focus on Island Voices specifically, while others draw on the work of the project as part of a wider topic or debate of local or more general interest.

Perceptions of Gaelic Learning and Use in a Bilingual Island Community: an Exploratory Study (2011) Full report here

Am Pàipear summary here

ESOL in the Hebrides and Island Voices: “Hey, hang on a minute, tha mise bilingual!” (2012) Chapter 12 (p153) in this book
Gaelic Digital Literacies in a Bilingual Community: a Sampling of Practices and Preferences (2013) Full report here

Am Pàipear summary here

CALL Support in Context: Contrasting Approaches in Irish and Scottish Gaelic (2014) Full report here
Sharing Gaelic Voices: Peat-cutting in Polish, or Surfing in Sindhi? (2016) Full report here
Saoghal Thormoid – Norman’s World: Synopses and Transcripts, and Foreword by Conchúr Ó Giollagàin (2017) Full volume here
Reading Island Voices: Issues around the Primacy of Speech and the Privileging of Literacy, from a Hebridean Viewpoint (2018) Full transcript here
Two Lands, Many Languages – दो देश, भाषाएं अनेक – Dà Dhùthaich, Iomadh Cànan: Film report on International Language Fest of Indigenous and Endangered Languages at North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong (2020) Full video here

SFC blogpost here

Guth Thormoid – The “Island Voice” of Norman Maclean: Presentation for University of Arizona Celtic Linguistics Group (2022) Video here

Twitter thread with links and notes here

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