Series 2: Generations

An introduction and catalogue, including full listing of clips with notes on thematic and functional content as well as language level, is available here: Island Voices Generations.

The table below gives links firstly to each video title on the Island Voices Videos YouTube channel, and then, under a Clilstore Unit number, to the appropriate online transcript with embedded video and optional dictionary linkage.

English Gàidhlig
Children’s Parliament in Barra

Clilstore Unit 637

Pàrlamaid na Cloinne ann am Barraigh

Clilstore Unit 737

Interview: MCP Sarah Macinnes

Clilstore Unit 638

Agallamh: Sorcha NicAonghais

Clilstore Unit 738

Interview: Parent Isabell Macinnes

Clilstore Unit 639

Agallamh: Iseabail NicAonghais

Clilstore Unit 739

Children’s Parliament in Benbecula

Clilstore Unit 640

Pàrlamaid na Cloinne ann am Beinn na Faoghla

Clilstore Unit 740

Interview: Health worker Isabel Steele

Clilstore Unit 641

Agallamh: Iseabail Steele

Clilstore Unit 741

Interview: Teacher Catriona Black

Clilstore Unit 642

Agallamh: Catriona Black

Clilstore Unit 742

Work Skills at Sgoil Lìonacleit

Clilstore Unit 643

Sgilean obrach aig Sgoil Lìonacleit

Clilstore Unit 743

Interview: Crofter/Instructor Neil Macpherson

Clilstore Unit 644

Agallamh: Nìall Mac a’ Phearsain

Clilstore Unit 744

Interview: Boatbuilding Pupils Duncan Macdonald & Donald MacIsaac

Clilstore Unit 645

Agallamh: Dunchadh MacDhòmhnaill  & Dòmhnall MacÌosaig

Clilstore Unit 745

Lifelong Learning and Scotland’s Gaelic College

Clilstore Unit 646

Foghlam Fad Beatha agus Sabhal Mòr Ostaig

Clilstore Unit 746

Interview: Depute Principal John Norman MacLeod

Clilstore Unit 647

Agallamh:  Iain Tormod MacLeòid

Clilstore Unit 747

Interview: Students/Staff Alex Gruba, Kathleen Reddy, Mìcheal Speirs

Clilstore Unit 648

Agallamh: Alex Gruba, Kathleen Reddy, Mìcheal Speirs

Clilstore Unit 748

Family Fun at Grimsay Boat Day

Clilstore Unit 649

Latha nam Bàtaichean

Clilstore Unit 749

Interview: Father, Lachie Morrison (Grimsay and Boats)

Clilstore Unit 650

Agallamh: Lachaidh Moireasdan (Griomasaigh is Bàtaichean)

Clilstore Unit 750

Interview: Son, Pàdruig Morrison

Clilstore Unit 651

Agallamh: Pàdruig Moireasdan

Clilstore Unit 751

Interview: Father, Lachie Morrison (Heisgeir reminiscence)

Clilstore Unit 652

Agallamh: Lachaidh Moireasdan (Cuimhneachan Heisgeir)

Clilstore Unit 752

The videos can also be found for download via the link below:

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