This page brings together many of the storytelling recordings of various kinds made at the instigation of Island Voices activist Mary Morrison. The storytellers themselves range in age from the not so young to the very young indeed. In the links columns you can click on the “Youtube” link to go directly to the recording, or on the “Wordpress” link to read an Island Voices blogpost about it. A “Clilstore” link will take you to a wordlinked transcript.

Title Language Content Links
Àiridh na h-aon oidhche Gàidhlig Master raconteur Norman Maclean tells the spine-tingling Gaelic tale of Àiridh na h-Aon Oidhche, a local landmark out near Rueval in Benbecula, and reveals how it got its name… YouTube
Blàr Chàirinis Gàidhlig Norman Maclean tells the story in Gaelic of the Battle of Carinish in 1601 and brings it right up to date with references to current singers who still mine this rich cultural heritage. YouTube
Sgeul a’ choin Gàidhlig The remarkable true story, told in Gaelic by Duncan Mackinnon, of Clyde the seafaring collie who found his own way home to Berneray all the way from Glasgow. YouTube
The Story of the Dog English Duncan Mackinnon relates in English how the Berneray collie Clyde found his own way home by land and sea from Glasgow. YouTube
Òran le Ruairidh Beag Gàidhlig Duncan Mackinnon sings a Gaelic song by Ruairidh Beag from Pabbay, telling the sad story of the stallion that died while swimming over to Berneray from Uist. YouTube
The Story of the Horse English Duncan Mackinnon explains the background in English to his Gaelic song about the stallion that died crossing from Uist to Berneray, including the strange apparition he himself witnessed. YouTube
Sgeul an Eich Gàidhlig Duncan Mackinnon adds more background detail in Gaelic about the song about the stallion that died swimming from Uist to Berneray, including a verse of his father’s poetry, and an insight into community rivalries on the island. YouTube
Difficult encounters with Mother Earth Gàidhlig Iain Trimsgarry talks to his old friend and neighbour, Mary Morrison. Their conversation covers three generations of family and friends from the acquisition of the croft, through the many changes since, to current practice today. YouTube
A very busy spider English The Story Group at Balivanich School interpret the well-known and well-loved story by Eric Carle, under the guidance of Mary Morrison and with the help of Cothrom Family Learning and Guthan nan Eilean/Island Voices. YouTube
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