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Lursail alferrak: Lazybeds in Basque

lazybedsEuskal dokumental laburra hizkuntza ikasleentzat Uisten lursail alferrak egiteari buruz.

Film aithriseach goirid ann am Bascais airson luchd-ionnsachaidh air feannagan ann an Uibhist.

A short documentary in Basque for language learners on making lazybeds in Uist.

While you watch and listen you can read a transcript with online dictionary access to every single word on this Clilstore unithttp://multidict.net/cs/4479

We’ve already done Peatcutting in Polish. Now, as a follow-up to the Donostia visit, and with grateful thanks to Jon Mentxakatorre Odriozola, Island Voices can proudly add Basque to our languages portfolio!

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