Great War

An fheadhainn tha làighe sàmhach

This page brings together all the recordings made as part of the “An fheadhainn tha laighe sàmhach” project commemorating the outbreak of the First World War – An Cogadh Mòr. You can find out more about it on the project blog, run by Comann Eachdraidh Uibhist a Tuath (North Uist Historical Society). In the links column you can click on the “SoundCloud” or “Youtube” link to go directly to the recording, or on the “Wordpress” link to read the Island Voices blogpost about it. A “Clilstore” link will take you to a wordlinked transcript.

Speaker Language Content Links
Mary Morrison, Sheena Stewart, Archie Campbell English, Gaelic The North Uist Historical Society launched its project commemorating the First World War at Taigh Chearsabhagh, Lochmaddy. Mary Morrison, Sheena Stewart, and Archie Campbell talk to Gordon Wells in English and Gaelic about how the day went and their hopes for future events. SoundCloud


Marybell Macintyre Gaelic MaryBell MacIntyre from Sgoil Lionacleit talks in Gaelic to Gordon Wells about what a group of school students learnt from a visit to First World War sites, and how they were able to share their thoughts and experiences with community members back in Uist. SoundCloud


John Smith English, Gaelic Mary Morrison and Laura Donkers recorded North Uist’s Reverend John Smith as he describes the 1923 dedication of the island’s war memorial. This is followed by two of his own poetic compositions. Youtube


Willie Macdonald English, Gaelic Willie Macdonald reads out extracts from the emotionally intense poetry of the North Uist bard Dòmhnall Ruadh Chorùna, and discusses them in Gaelic and English. The conversation moves on to the impact on families of the losses suffered in the First World War, and the land raids undertaken by returning soldiers. Youtube


Alec Macaulay Gaelic Retired policeman Alec Macaulay talks in Gaelic to Archie Campbell about the land raids on the west side of North Uist that took place after the First World War, in which his own father was involved. Youtube


Catherine Laing Gaelic Cathie Laing talks in Gaelic of her memories of her grandfather and the lasting effect his experiences in WW1 had upon him, prompted by the one photograph she has of him. Youtube



Isa MacKillop Gaelic Isa MacKillop sings a song composed by her uncle, remembering his WW1 comrades after moving to Australia. Youtube


Norman Maclean Gaelic Norman Maclean’s grandfather was lost at sea during the First World War, while his mother was still young. Here he recites the words of his own Gaelic song for the pupils of Sgoil Chàirinis, which his mother attended as a girl. Youtube



Norman Johnson Gaelic Norman Johnson talks to Mary Morrison about the special role of the piper in many regiments in the First World War. He relates anecdotes heard from old soldiers in the war, and finishes with a special tune. YouTube


Donald MacCormick Gaelic Donald MacCormick, the well-known book-collector, talks to Archie Campbell about the contributions and sacrifices made by Highland soldiers in the First World War. YouTube


Ewen MacAskill Gaelic Ewen MacAskill talks about the impact of the First World War on various family members and the wider community, experienced both directly and through his mother’s position as postmistress, and therefore deliverer of telegrams. YouTube




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