Guthanna na nOileán

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There’s a very Irish theme to Guthan nan Eilean this week as the project played host to a short but very sweet return visit from partners there. This followed the project’s own “Trilingual Trip” to Ireland last year. Among the visiting party was the talented photograper, Máirtín Mac Crábhagáin, who put together this photo album on Facebook in no time at all. Island Voices is delighted to be able to share the album on its own Facebook page. There will be videos to come…

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Radio Coverage

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From the Island Voices Facebook Page:

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Czech Developments

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Island Voices was born out of the involvement of Sabhal Mòr Ostaig in the original 2005-2007 POOLS project. SMO has continued to maintain an outward-looking European perspective ever since, and is now leading the POOLS-3 “Transfer of Innovation” project which sees POOLS outputs and ways of working being taken forward in three new languages – Irish, Catalan, and Czech.

But it’s a two-way process, in which new partners also bring fresh skills and knowledge to the table for sharing. The Pelican School in Brno has introduced “green screen” techniques into its video-making repertoire, and describes the process in this POOLS-3 blog post.

For anyone interested in “endangered languages” Czech offers an interesting historical contrast to the usual pessimistic trajectory. Wikipedia supplies this basic introduction to the language and its history. Our colleagues may have more to teach Gaelic enthusiasts than video techniques!

In any event, they clearly enjoyed the video-making process! Here’s an example:

You can find the full set of POOLS-3 Czech videos via this link.

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Norman Maclean: Òran do Sgoilearan Chàirinis

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TormodCarinishNorman Maclean’s grandfather (also Norman – Tormod Ailein) was lost at sea in the First World War, when Norman’s mother was still young.

In another contribution to the “An fheadhainn tha laighe sàmhach” project, Mary Morrison arranged for Norman to visit Sgoil Chàirinis, where his mother was a pupil, to recite this specially composed Gaelic song, and help the children learn to sing it.

In the video clip below Norman gives a crystal clear rendition of the words.

With his kind agreement, a written version is also made available on Clilstore so you can listen and read at the same time. Click on this link – Unit 2307 – to go to the transcription.

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Isa MacKillop: Companaich m’ Òige

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An Ribheid ChiùilThe latest addition to the “An fheadhainn tha laighe sàmhach” project is a song, courtesy of Isa MacKillop, well-known throughout the community for her longstanding commitment to, and support for, the passing on of local Gaelic traditions and music. As she explains in her words of introduction, the song – “Companaich m’ òige” (companions of my youth) – was composed by her paternal uncle Iain Archie MacAskill, the “Bard of Berneray”. He returned from the war, while many of his comrades did not. He later moved to Australia, and composed this song there.

The song can be found in the collection “An ribheid chiùil”, edited by Alick Morrison, published in 1961. Copies are hard to come by these days – though here’s an interesting story from another Island Voices contributor on how at least one special copy found its way back to Berneray…

This recording was made by Mary Morrison.

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Cathie Laing: Sgìths ‘s Cruadal

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Cathie Lang: Sgìths 's CruadalSeo pìos a chaidh a chlàradh leis a’ phròiseict “An fheadhainn tha laighe sàmhach”, a tha air a ruith le Comann Eachdraidh Uibhist a Tuath.

An seo cluinnibh sibh Cathie Laing a’ bruidhinn mu na cuimhneachan a th’ aice air a seanair.

Tha dealbh aice dheth, agus tha i ag innse dhuinn mar a dh’fhuiling e sa chogadh, agus mu na buaidh a bh’ aig na thachair dha air a bheatha agus air a theaghlach.

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A Cautionary Clilstore Clip

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Clilstore programmer Caoimhín Ó Donnaíle (SMO) attended the recent POOLS-3 meeting in Brno to present the multiple functionalities of the platform and associated programs. It was a fascinating session, and over the course of the meeting all participants had the chance to experiment with the software.

Caoimhín was also able to talk participants through the latest developments, including the file upload facility, which means that unit creators can now add Hot Potatoes exercises to their Clilstore units. Caoimhín produced a new unit himself, based on a poem by Skye-based Nìall Gordon – “Ro fhad’ air fairg’ an Eadarlìn”, which highlights the one drawback of the new possibilities offered by Internet technologies – their potentially addictive properties!

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