North Uist War Memorial

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NUWarmemorialAs part of the “An fheadhainn tha laighe sàmhach” project Mary Morrison and Laura Donkers recorded the Reverend John Smith of North Uist as he describes the 1923 dedication of the North Uist war memorial.

This is followed by two of his own compositions. The first, in Gaelic, starts with the striking and memorable line “Cha charaid, ach nàmhaid, cogadh”, and was written in response to losses in his own family. His second poem, in English, reflects on the courageous sacrifices that were made by many, and finishes as strongly as the first one started: “We will remember them”.


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NATECLA 2014 Workshop

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This is the introductory powerpoint presentation for the “Island Voices and Clilstore: Tradition and Technology” session at the NATECLA 2014 conference in Sheffield.


Following the presentation on Island Voices by Gordon Wells, Caoimhín Ó Donnaíle went on to demonstrate how to create Clilstore units.

You can read a step-by-step guide in this Clilstore guidebook, produced as part of the TOOLS project.


You can get this guidebook in various other project languages and e-book formats suitable for iPads etc via this link. And on Page 34 you will find a table of links to YouTube video guides for teachers and learners.

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Taisbeanadh aig Sgoil Ghàidhlig Ghlaschu

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TaisbeanadhSGGChaidh taisbeanadh a thoirt seachad air Guthan nan Eilean agus Clilstore aig Sgoil Ghàidhlig Ghlaschu air a’ mhìos sa chaidh. ‘S e Gordon Wells agus Caoimhín Ó Donnaíle a bha ga lìbhrigeadh, agus iad airson sealltainn do thidsearan ann an Glaschu na stuthan-ionnsachaidh agus na h-innealan air a bheil Sabhal Mòr Ostaig air a bhith ag obair cuide ri colaistean eile san Roinn Eòrpa.

Seo an taisbeanadh a thug Gordon seachad air na pròiseactan Eòrpach agus Guthan nan Eilean, le ceanglaichean beò ann le eisimpleirean.

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Am Pàipear Debate

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Am Pàipear, the local community newspaper, invites all in Uist to attend this debate – and to hear and contribute “island voices” on both sides…

Independence Debate

Incidentally, the Am Pàipear website is currently offline for maintenance – which means that their Guthan/Voices page is also out of action at the moment. Their Facebook page remains active, however. And coincidentally, the online stream of An Radio is also currently in abeyance as the station shifts premises. Despite such temporary glitches, there are in the meantime still plenty of Island Voices to be heard on this site!


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Youth, Enterprise – and Island Life

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Jade Cantos of the Enterprise on the Edge project at Cothrom in South Uist talks to Gordon Wells for Island Voices.

Jade, originally from the Philippines, already speaks English and Tagalog and various other languages. Now she’s learning Gaelic as she tackles a youth enterprise project here in the Outer Hebrides.

In one sense, she’s a long way from home. But she obviously feels a strong connection…

Jade is one of a team working on Enterprise on the Edge.

Learn more about the project by phoning Cothrom on 01878 700910, or find it on Facebook or Twitter.

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Black Houses and Spring Chickens

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VirtualBlackhouse4Continuing the Hebridean “virtual reality” theme, it may be worth noting that “island voices” might sometimes be realised instrumentally – rather than purely through  the exercising of Adam’s Apple…

The Spring Chickens made a notable musical contribution to Island Voices at the 2011 multilingual midsummer party at Grogarry Lodge in South Uist. While the line-up may vary from time to time the core of the group remains, and can be seen and heard supporting many a local community cèilidh around Berneray and North Uist.

And here they are supplying some musical background for the Virtual St Kilda project, in this instance looking at the construction of a traditional blackhouse.

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Virtual St Kilda

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St Andrews Virtual St Kilda ExperienceThe Virtual St Kilda exhibition is up and running at Taigh Chearsabhagh, and the “mystery voice” is now revealed as that of regular Island Voices contributor, Archie Campbell, who also prepared the Gaelic version of the bilingual introduction. The project is headed up by the St Andrews University Open Virtual Worlds research group, working closely with local groups in Uist.

The exhibition gives you hands-on interaction, via an Xbox controller, with a digital re-creation of the St Kilda of the 1880s. You can walk around Village Bay (or fly over it!), exploring inside and outside various buildings. Clicking on various objects will take you to additional information, and the project is further enhanced by additional video work with island children offering imaginative interpretations of scenes and stories, ably facilitated by Mary Morrison – to whom Island Voices followers need no further introduction…

The film below was edited together by the St Andrews team.  It integrates their own digital reconstruction and video work with stunning natural footage from UistFilm, as well as, flatteringly, some re-purposed shots from Island Voices’ own St Kilda documentaries in English and Gaelic. Archie’s voiceover is truly bilingual, alternating regularly and consistently from Gaelic to English. It’s a very interesting and still experimental format, so comments and suggestions are most welcome.

More sample videos are available on the Open Virtual Worlds group’s Vimeo channel, and you can read more about the group’s work here.

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