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Dominique Déhu et Agnès Blaziak se sont déplacés vers Uist il ya moins d’un an, après avoir vendu leur entreprise en France. Ici, ils parlent à leur professeur d’anglais, Mary Morrison, sur le travail qu’ils ont trouvé dans Uist, leurs aspirations pour l’avenir, et pourquoi ils ont choisi cet endroit pour s’installer ici. Agnès parle aussi de sa fille Amélie qui s’est installée facilement dans son nouvel environnement, et à quelle vitesse elle apprend l’anglais!


Listen here:

Dominique Déhu and Agnès Blaziak moved to Uist less than a year ago, having sold up their business in France. Here they talk to their English teacher, Mary Morrison, about the work they’ve found in Uist, their aspirations for the future, and why they chose to settle here. Agnès also talks about how well her daughter Amélie is settling into her new surroundings, and how quickly she’s learning English!


Thàinig Dominique Déhu agus Agnès Blaziak a dh’Uibhist o chionn faisg air bliadhna, an dèidh dhaibh an gnìomhachas a reic san Fhraing. An seo, tha iad a’ bruidhinn ri Màiri Nic ’IlleMhoire mun obair a fhuair iad an seo, agus na planaichean a th’ aca san àm ri teachd, agus ciamar a thaghadh iad an t-àite seo airson a bhith fantail ann. Tha Agnès a’ bruidhinn cuideachd mu dheidhinn a nighean Amélie agus mar a tha i a’ faighinn air adhart na suidheachadh ùr, agus i ag ionnsachadh cho luath!

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Battlefield Visit

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Last Friday (14th March) saw Taigh Chearsabhabh overflowing again, with members of the community attending the second cèilidh of the project An Fheadhainn tha Laighe Sàmhach. This time there was a special presentation by teachers and students from Sgoil Lìonacleit about their recent trip to various First World War sites and cemeteries. The students showed photos and a short film from their visit, and spoke openly and honestly about the emotional impact of the trip to a rapt audience. Tunes and songs were also shared in the group, with various junior and senior pipers and singers contributing.

Afterwards, Marybell Macintyre from Sgoil Lìonacleit spoke in Gaelic to Gordon Wells about the trip and about the deeper understanding that both she, as a teacher, and the students themselves had gained from it. The conversation is introduced with a snatch of the piping of Sarah MacMillan, and finishes with a taste of Duncan Mackinnon’s singing.

Listen here:

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Island Voices Stream

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An Radio

The Uist community radio station “An Radio” took another step forward today,  incorporating some sample interviews in English and Gaelic from Island Voices/Guthan nan Eilean in its 24/7 stream over the internet.

Click An Radio PlayerIt is still some way from actually broadcasting on air, but the number of volunteers is steadily increasing, many with fresh new ideas on what to contribute. If you have some ideas yourself, why not visit the volunteers page?

In the meantime, if you want to hear the stream just go to the site and follow the “An Radio Player” link.

And here’s the “Island Voices Ident”. Listen out!

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Island Voices on the Tourist Trail

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Tommy Macdonald’s fascinating collection of interviews for the Stòras Uibhist project about Bonnie Prince Charlie has been gathered together on a single page on the “Outer Hebrides” website, dedicated to encouraging visitors to “experience life on the edge” here in the Western Isles.

That’s a message that Guthan nan Eilean is more than happy to support and endorse! The physical environment on its own is quite stunning. Combine that with a multicultural and multilingual history and heritage that live on to this day, and you have a winning combination of natural and cultural attractions.

Here’s the page where you can access all the Bonnie Prince Charlie audio material “in song and story” (and in three different languages) with a single click.

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New Speakers Research Links

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Gordon Wells, Island Voices co-ordinator, has been attending the first round of Working Group Meetings of the “New Speakers” network at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh on 6-7 March. The “New Speakers” network is an EU-funded initiative (COST Action IS1306) aimed at fostering collaboration amongst researchers, facilitating the sharing of findings, and identifying key issues in research on multilingualism. The term “new speakers” refers to multilingual individuals and groups who adopt and use a language variety different from their native language.  Gordon’s Powerpoint presentation introducing the Island Voices project and associated research interests can be viewed here.

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North Uist Remembrance

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AnfeadhainnIphonepics 005There was a tremendous turnout at Taigh Chearsabhagh for the launch cèilidh of the new project being led by Comann Eachdraidh Uibhist a Tuath, the North Uist Historical Society. The project, An fheadhainn tha laighe sàmhach, commemorates the outbreak of the First World War.

Local community members gathered to share reminiscences and show each other family artefacts that keep alive the memory of the sacrifices of earlier generations.

Afterwards, members of the project team talked to Gordon Wells in English and Gaelic about how the first cèilidh went, and their hopes for the planned exhibition and other future events.

Listen here:

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Starting Points

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Gordon Wells:

Tha pròiseact ùr a’ tòiseachadh le Comann Eachdraidh Uibhist a Tuath. Cùm cluas ri claisneachd!

Originally posted on An fheadhainn tha laighe sàmhach:

poppy squareMòran Taing, a h-Uile Duine

So far the project has been overwhelmed with all your offers of reminiscences and artefacts and we are so grateful to you for these. It will take us some time to visit you all and gather such precious, personal and unique information. An important principle of this process is that nothing will be publicly shown without your permission. We will however be attempting to find photographs of as many of the Uist Fallen as we can, which may mean that we begin to post some unidentified forces photographs, in the hope that someone may identify them.

A piece of good fortune

Laura Donkers has been working on a two week placement with us this month, as part of her Master of Fine Art degree at  Dundee. This placement has been of immense help to the project, since she had already been commissioned by CEUT to …

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